List of Real Estate Related Professionals

List of Real Estate Related Professionals

Trusted Professionals to Help with your Real Estate Needs

In case you weren’t aware, I recently became a licensed real estate agent in Georgia. So I can definitely help you with buying or selling real estate, but there are some things in real estate that you will need to seek help from other professionals. A successful real estate transaction involves quite a few parties between lenders, contractors, cleaners, movers, inspectors, etc. It can be challenging deciding between who to trust when there are so many companies out there. Here is a list with some information I have compiled to help you with that search.

So if you are ready to buy or sell, or if you just need help around your current house, then these companies are a great start!

If you are thinking about purchasing a home, it is highly recommended that you speak to a lender first. The main reason you want to do this is so that you are aware of your qualification. Talking to a lender will help you see how much of a loan you qualify for, what types of loan programs you qualify for, and what you may need to do prior to purchasing a home to improve your qualification. A house is typically the biggest purchase you will make in your life, so you want to be sure your finances and credit are where they need to be before house hunting.

When submitting offers to the seller, they want to see that the buyer is qualified, so a pre-qualifiction or pre-approval letter is the proof.

There are SO many lending companies out there. However, most people are probably familiar with the big banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc. I highly discourage using any big bank even if you use them for regular banking. These bigger corporations will not be as personable, quick, or helpful as a more local, nimble lender. Lately, online lenders have become a big trend. Most agents, including myself, discourage online lenders just as much as big banks. Online lenders can sometimes be in a different state, take longer, lack the personal connection, and like to do the run-around when it comes to communicating.

I could probably write a whole other post about pre-quals and lending companies in another post because there is so much to say. However, today I am showcasing a list of trusted professionals. So here are two local lenders, that I would highly suggest reaching out to if you are considering a home purchase. You can even just ask them questions because they’d be glad to help!


Whether you are buying a home and are in due diligence or you are preparing to sell your home and want to see what may need repairing, it is likely you’ll need an inspector at some point. When selecting an inspector, you want someone who is thorough, honest, fair, and diligent. These vendors are used frequently at my Keller Williams Atlanta Partners Snellville office.

From termite letters to bee infestation, pest service companies can help you get those issues taken care of. Here are a list of a few trusted companies that are responsive and will quickly help you out.

A home warranty is a great thing to have as a homeowner and whether you are selling or buying. It is a great way to protect you and your money should an unforeseen breakdown occur in your house. Home warranties cover various items of a house such as HVAC units and other household appliances.


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Moving can be hectic enough, so why not hire someone to help you with the cleaning? Maybe you just need some regular cleaning in your house because you are a busy person. Either way, here are some companies that will help clean up your mess!

Now that you have a list of professionals, let’s get started on your home buying or selling process!